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HMS Bounty

Posted by on Jan-28-2009

I was surfing the Internet the other day looking for some information on ships and shipping companies. My better half was seated next to me. She declares that she’s supervising me, on whether I do something naughty on the net, but reality is that we discuss the information we find during these cyber expeditions.

That’s when we suddenly came across H.M.S Bountys

Ah! Another example of sailors cruelty, she retorted, why are sailors like you so cruel?

Am I cruel? Of course some of my gestures toward you may be that..but that doesn’t make me a cruel man!! My spontaneous answer brought a sudden smile!! a deep blush on her beautiful face, and she looked so much more charming!

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Behind the British Empire

Posted by on Jan-25-2009

I am a die hard fan of Christopher Lee. He iconised Dracula and I feel he is best in the role. Actually I was surprised to find him in the role of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and wanted to see how he performed in a “human’s role”. I was convinced after seeing the movie, that he can act well as a human too. But my wife wasn’t happy , It was not Lee’s performance which made her unhappy , but it was the story of the film .

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A day in Mente Profonda!!..

Posted by on Jan-24-2009

I crossed the legendary statue in the Mente Profonda garden. This is not the first time I see it. Everyday in Mente Profonda begins from him. His words, preachings and experiences are really unexplored. Though his roots were embedded in the land of conventional constraints his profound insight in contemporary topics, science and world literature amazes us .The man who sees and thinks beyond senses!
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