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Posted by on Mar-28-2009

I have heard people say – “A Valentine dies with a Marriage”.

I don’t believe in it, the valentine in me grew stronger after my marriage and I owe to my beloved wife for fostering the lover in me. I loved her before marriage, but now besides loving, I admire and respect her.

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Skull and Cutlass

Posted by on Mar-24-2009

After dinner , me and my ‘lady’ cozily settled down on the sitting room sofa. I was carelessly surfing through the TV channels, which I usually do. ‘Stop stop’ she said suddenly ‘ I want to see the movie’ . ‘Oh no! not a Pirate movie again. Please I am fed up of them.’ with out even paying attention to my comment she snatched the remote from my hand . Even though I said so, I really enjoy watching pirate movies( ‘Pirate movies’ not ‘Pirated movies’ , please don’t misunderstand me, I am a gentle man).

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Sailing Through The Suez

Posted by on Mar-14-2009

I’m quite particular about cleanliness..rather very fond of keeping things neat and tidy. It’s fun sprucing up the place and having things in order. I feel lucky since my better half shares this particular trait. We often embark on spring-cleaning missions during holidays. We have such a gala time tossing and turning things around that Operation Spotless often is a fun period of recreation for the two of us.

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