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Posted by on Apr-18-2009

When ever I hear about wars, rebellions and uprisings, I wonder why people quarrel. God created land and water but man created boundaries. God  made the world and man made the modern world. When border lines are drawn on the soil, blood oozes from the hearts of millions. When a ‘Line of Control’ is established the minds  are wounded. The best example is of course India and Pakistan. Even after 60years, the injuries inflicted by the partition are still fresh and our LOC still reign as one of the most troublesome areas of the world.

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Aghori or Terrifying

Posted by on Apr-4-2009

It was a fine morning in the ship, decorated with mesmerizing mist and gentle sunlight. I was starting my lazy day. (Raziya insisted I should brush my teeth.)

I had bought whatever newspaper and magazine I could find from the port. Sipping tea I was going through those one by one. Then I saw this title in an internationally reputed magazine ‘Aghora – The Indian Face of Cannibalism’. I was hooked. I had heard of Aghoras but didn’t know much about them. Dipped into the article and I sat there flabbergasted. What a way to kick off a day!

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