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Sea of Cortez

Posted by on Jun-27-2009

Mexican coast and climate always fascinated me. I would die for a vacation in Mexico. Savoring the spicy Mexican food is always appealing. But the “star attraction” is the Sea of Cortez, the captivating beaches along its coast, the beautiful water and the beautiful sun. It’s like a dreamland.

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Sharks in your Drawing room

Posted by on Jun-20-2009

Once I visited a friend’shouse. He had just returned from an Atlantic voyage. Just as I entered his house ,I felt smell of a dry fish .It actually made me happy, because I am very fond of dry fish and anticipated that he might have brought some special dry fish , to give me a treat. Any how I kept my manners.

He was detailing his journey , as if he was ‘Ferdinand Magellan’ , but I was dreaming about the lunch with dry fish dishes . He was cracking jokes and I was forced to laugh, all for the lunch. I was secretly praying for a lunch break so that he would stop blabbering and I could get my favorite stuff.

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Posted by on Jun-13-2009

The story of sharks is not complete with out mentioning about its Pre – Historic ancestor ‘Megaladon’ .

Megaladon means ‘Giant tooth’ in Greek and is an ideal name for the fish. This giant could grow up to 18 meters long and is the largest shark ever to have lived and the biggest carnivorous fish known to have existed. This is an estimate made from many fossilized teeth and a few fossilized vertebrae that have been found.These giant teeth, once mistaken as a tongue stone , is as big as a person’s hand, up to 18cms slant height and were believed to be replaceable like the modern day shark teeth. The fish had gigantic mouth, with 250 teeth and which when opened was 6ft wide and 7ft high. This makes the mouth a ‘hall of hell’ .

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Villains of the sea

Posted by on Jun-6-2009

I had recently seen a heart shattering documentary called ‘Shark Water’. It was produced by Horizon films and exposed the cruelty of man towards shark.

After the film ‘Jaws’, sharks became the ‘universal bad-guy’ of the sea and the films and cartoons which followed, celebrated this image. Sharks were stamped as the ‘ultimate predator’, cold blooded , brutal and evil of all carnivores.

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