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Sea of Galilee

Posted by on Jul-25-2009

Sea is always used as a synonym for vastness. It also used in negative sense because of the salty water. But all seas are not salty. Some fresh water lakes are also called sea one of them is the ‘Sea Of Galilee’.

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Fascinating Tuna

Posted by on Jul-18-2009

If you ask me which fish I like most, my answer will be Tuna. The word Tuna makes me hungry and I know most of you share the same notion. Tuna Salad is one of my most favorite dish and its among the most popular food items.

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Truth is stranger than fiction

Posted by on Jul-11-2009

When you hear about some real life experiences, you feel they are more fictitious than fiction. “The Sea hero incident” is one such thing, which is weird than any thriller.

On 4th May 1882 a Brazilian martial vessel “Araguari” was patrolling near the mouth of the river Amazon. Suddenly the crew members accidentally saw a sealed bottle with a card inside it floating in the sea .They opened the bottle and read what was written in the card.

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The Unrecognized- Under water

Posted by on Jul-4-2009

Some are misfortunate; they don’t receive the appreciation they ought to get. All their talents, qualities and attributes go unnoticed. This trend is not limited to humans but it extends to all living and non living things.

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