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VEDAS – Holy Revelation

Posted by on Aug-29-2009

When you ask a question, what is the greatest contribution of Indian culture and heritage? We can say beyond doubt, it is the ancient texts – the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranaas, the Ithihaasas , texts that analyse human life and  secrets of humans existence , as if one peels and onion.

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Atom, Universe & Vedic Astronomy

Posted by on Aug-22-2009

I happen to go through an article which spoke about the vedic astronomy that relates to the Hindu/Indian mythology . It says that by astrology, the future and fortune of humanity which is just like Microbes on this Atom like Earth, are forecasted, while Astronomy not only gives perfect knowledge of the Earth to the universe, but logically demonstrates and proves that every Celestial shining object in such a broad universe is full of life and spirit. Organic Energy and Inorganic Matter are inter-twined and are one.

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Tejas- Light of Life

Posted by on Aug-15-2009

I recently read an article about the light emitting nature of the human body. Human body glows emitting a visible light of low intensity. This intensity too varies during different hours of the day.

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Posted by on Aug-8-2009

It is a scientifically accepted fact that high and low tides are caused by the attraction of the Sun and Moon. It is also observed that certain diseases aggravate during new moon and full moon days. Thus we can conclude that celestial bodies influence the earth and its inhabitants. Astrology is based on this basic concept.
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Navagrahas- Stars of Destiny

Posted by on Aug-1-2009

The mood of sea is reflected in the mind of the sailor. When the sea is troublesome we sailors have a turbulent mind. When its peaceful, we share the same notion.
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