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Mia Tansen and the girl from Karachi

Posted by on Sep-26-2009

I always wondered how a Muslim girl with Pakistani roots- the Karachi chromosome, I used to tease- knows so much about Indian Classical music. Raziya is amazing in times.

She plays flute, Bansuri is the word she likes to use.

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When the Gramophone gently sings

Posted by on Sep-19-2009

There is something about my gramophone that I should tell you.

When I’m sitting in front of it playing an old record its not ‘the master’s voice’ I hear. It’s the voices from the past. I’m transposed to another era. You call that time traveling, correct?

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Sinbad the sailor

Posted by on Sep-12-2009


It’s a difficult name for me to pronounce. But Raziya likes it when I call her Scheherazade. I call her names every now and then. I really want to, but if I post some of those here this post will be deleted forever 🙂


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09/09/09 Dark Day?

Posted by on Sep-8-2009

Man always stood wonder struck by the forces of nature .

Babylonians … Syrians… Greeks… all of them began to worship the forces of nature.

According to Indian astrology, natural calamities were considered as the anger of various Deities.
Indians were said to be capable of predicting time – good and bad – and climatic changes merely by observing the cosmic sky.

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According to Hindu mythology the Vedas are god made. But still there is a classification . The first three – Rig ,Yagur, Sama are considered as supreme than the fourth ‘Atharva’. And this is something which I don’t understand.

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