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Alappuzha The land of Backwaters….

Posted by on Feb-27-2010

Bound by backwaters, Alappuzha is a gorgeous place. The Palm fringed canals and shores bustling with glimpses from the day to day life in the country side, the mirror still lagoons, picture book lakesides and its long sandy beach has blessed Alappuzha, the water locked district, to become one of the best Backwater tourism destinations in God’s Own Country. The large network of canals provides Alleppey its lifeline. Water carnivals using the gigantic snake boats and the country canoes of varying sizes have an important role in the community life of the people of the district.

Alappuzha beach is one of the most popular spots in the district of Alappuzha.
Its beautiful garden on the shore gives an exclusive sight. Imposing buildings of a colonial past overlook the shore. The pier, which extends into the sea is more than 140 years old and is a rare sight. Dense Palm groves at one end and an ancient towering light house at the other, Vijay Park and Sea view park are all spectacular sights one should never miss. Boating facility is available in both Parks.

The main cultural and spiritual events of Alappuzha are Chambakkulam Moolam boat race, Chettikulangara Bharani and Nehru Trophy boat race. Alappuzha district is proud of being the crib of boat races. All the important boat races, namely the Nehru Trophy boat Race at Punnamada, the Payippad near Haripad, the Thiruvandoor, Neerettupuram, Karuvatta and Thaikkoottam boat races are held at different parts of the district during August-September. Thousands of people from all parts of the world come and witness these races.

Great Rift Valley Project

Posted by on Feb-20-2010

Dams and hydroelectric projects are constructed to fulfill our needs. These hydroelectric projects are generally considered as environmental friendly because it represents a clean and renewal energy source. These projects are made with huge promises throwing light on the reward alone.

Gilgel Gibe, Ethiopia’s newest and biggest hydroelectric power station was built in Africa’s Great Rift Valley and is considered as an outstanding engineering achievement because it cuts through complex geological formations. Despite of all its outstanding construction still it was shut down due to a tunnel collapse weeks after its inauguration. The hydropower project was surrounded by controversy since its inception.

Numerous fault points which in the beginning went unnoticed and were not highlighted in the impact of environmental studies were later found to be as the main faults behind the tunnel collapse. The tunnel is built on a seismic area which is a fault. The tunnel is built on 26 different fault points. The dam failures have been some of the largest man made disasters in history. A good design and construction are not adequate guarantee of safety, sometimes some geological eruptions can pull down them down.

Apart from all these factors these have many environmental issues related to them. These hydroelectric power plants result in submersion of extensive areas upstream of the dams, destroying biologically rich and productive lowland and riverine valley forests, marshland and grasslands.

Critics are having a closer look on the evaluation of the project and are urging a closer look at it environmental impact and urging international financial institutions not to fund its completion. But these evaluations should have been done even before the funding the project. The project might have scrutinized by the evaluators before taking the decisions as these projects incur huge cost.

Most of the issues are roused due to the lack of study done before implementing the project. While evaluating these projects the advantages and disadvantages should be looked in properly to avoid these kinds of concerns. A proper and impartial study can avoid such issues in future. It’s like the two sides of coin which has to be identified and evaluated properly. Despite of repetitive snag and warning the faults are repeated.

Happy Valentines Day……

Posted by on Feb-13-2010

The fragrance of red rose is here in the air, the young hearts are beating high thinking how to spell those three magical words to their beloved. All are finding different ways to express their love to their beloved ones. It’s a season of greeting cards, chocolates, teddy bears, rings and flowers. Some succeed, some not but their love remains eternal. Love has spread in the air.

Love gives meaning to our life. Life becomes beautiful when love enters our life. For me it’s my lady love Raziya who have made my life wonderful. I am not special but when I feel I have been loved by my lady love Raziya I feel like a prince. I don’t know how to express my love to her on Valentines Day. Every single day is special for me when I am with her.

St Valentines Day, a day to celebrate the love and affection between intimate ones. It is a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending greeting cards.

I might have never experienced true love if I have not seen Raziya. The glittering eyes took my breath away. Day by day my love for my beloved Raziya is increasing. Her love is as pure as the dew drop in the morning. For me love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. It is not feared of anyone. Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.

When I am with Raziya I can only say grow old with me! For you see, each day I love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Happy Valentines Day……

The Age of Exploration

Posted by on Feb-6-2010

Sailing, sailing & sailing…. We the mariners keep sailing through various sea routes. We keep sailing, fighting the violent sea waves and adverse climates. We have the latest equipments machineries and devices. I wonder if one day these equipments and devices fail to work what will we do? I will be a like a kid who is marooned. We keep sailing through those sea routes which have been already discovered by our ancestors. I wonder how these ancient sailors could make it with out any kind of technical advancements.

The very thought of this take me back to the pages of history where we can find the great sailors who have explored the sea routes. Even sea trading and globalization wasn’t possible if these mariners might have not taken the pains to discover the main lands. I wonder how these mariners could make it possible. All they had was a little courage which took them to varied lands and marked the greatest explorations and discoveries of the age which indeed named this age as The Age of Exploration.

The Age of Exploration marked its beginning by the early 15th century when Europeans began exploring the world by sea in search of trading partners, new goods, and trade routes. Some of the explorers sailed to learn more about the world. Though the desire to simply explore the unknown and discover new knowledge is a typical human trait. The greatest disadvantage that they had during those days was these explorers often lacked the funds for a ship, supplies and a crew to get underway on their journeys. As a result, many turned to their respective governments which had their own desires for the exploration of new areas. The biggest reason for the age of exploration was to find the new sea routes for spice and silk trade. But whatever was the reason behind their sail it has helped in the advancement of geographic knowledge.

The Age of Exploration has served as a stepping stone for geographical knowledge. It has also allowed more people to see and study various areas around the world which helped in giving us the basis for much of the knowledge we have today. These explorations often brought various new species and new cultures of people to light. The traditional Portolan charts used by the navigators were improvised and the new nautical chart was introduced by Prince Henry the Navigator during this age which was later refined by explorers like Vasco De Gama, Columbus, and Cabral. One of the greatest discoveries during this stage was of Christopher Columbus who discovered America in his attempt to find a trade route to Asia by sailing west.

Every journey begins with a single small step. The small step taken by the ancient sailors has made it possible to develop and grow to the level that we are today. Hats off to them….