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The Ultimate Truth

Posted by on May-29-2010

Way back in 1984 on 31st October a news story shocked the entire nation. It filled grief and agony in everyone who supported her. Yes, the assassination of Indira Gandhi. The major reason for the shock was the person behind the assassination. She was killed by her own bodyguards, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh to avenge the Military attack on ‘The Golden Temple’ during the Operation Blue Star. It sounds really hideous, b’coz she was murdered by the person who should protect her. It was not just an assassination but the murder of the trust.

I was just a kid when she passed away. For me, it was just a matter of another holiday. But when I grew up I started thinking deeply on it. Can someone forget all their duties and responsibilities for the religion they praise for? Even now I couldn’t get the answer for this. Devotion to a religion or having faith in God is fine but one should never be blinded or driven by it. Her bodyguard killed her for the fact that she ordered the military to the premises of The Golden Temple during operation Blue Star, but they where blinded to see the reason that what made her to take such a decision.

Cold Blooded murders are part of religious fanaticism. Most of the times people are mislead. Newspapers and channels are filled with such news stories. Every day we can see at least one such news. Majority of the population is educated but still why we see such instances happening. The old saying that one should never discuss politics or religion may have made sense 50 years ago. The venomous hatred of religious zealots has become so acrid that it will certainly lead to violence and even death. Why can’t people just stop for a while and think and ask yourself the question. What will we get out of this bloody slaughter? Nothing… That is the ultimate answer and the ultimate truth.

A few days back, I read a news article which kept me confused for some days. It was about Ansel Bourne, who was a Clergyman who was missing from his native place for two months and was later on found in strange situation in Norristown. One day Ansel drew $500 from his bank and boarded a Pawtucket car and disappeared for two months, later his nephew received a telegram saying that a man claiming to be Ansel was in Norristown and was acting strangely. But in fact Ansel was not behaving strangely but he had found himself in a strange town in a small fruit store. His story was really strange for me; it made me think can things happen like this. The story took a twist when it was found that Ansel Bourne was a patient of Multiple Personality. Ansel Broune, who had gone to Norristown and rented a small store, stocked it with candy and fruit and had been doing business there as Mr. Brown, living in the back of his shop. His behavior was normal to everyone. Brown didn’t even know Ansel Broune and it was the same for Ansel. In this case the first personality did not know the second, nor did the second know the first.

This tale about Ansel Bourne made me do a little research on Multiple Personality Disorder. It made me think is there someone else hidden inside us. Multiple Personality Disorder describes a condition in which a person displays multiple identities each with its own prototype of perceiving and interacting with the atmosphere. The individuals diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder shows a variety of symptoms with wide variation. They can show multiple mannerisms, attitudes and beliefs that are not similar to each other, they tend to be short tempered and show sudden anger without a justified reason. They never show intimacy to anyone and try to remain cut off from everything. They have auditory hallucinations of the personalities inside their mind and they have severe memory loss. The patients may also experience an extremely broad array of symptoms that resemble epilepsy, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders and eating disorders.

Studies have revealed that in some patients this disorder developed due to insufficient childhood nurturing, and an innate ability to dissociate memories or experiences from consciousness. A high percentage of patients have been reported child abuse. But child abuse is not the single factor that results in this disorder because there are many patients of Multiple personality who have not reported child abuse. The treatment for Multiple Personality Disorder attempts to reconnect the identities of dissimilar alters into single a identity. The treatment focuses on the symptoms and tends to relieve the grieving aspects of the condition and also ensures the safety of the individual. Treatment methods may include psychotherapy and medications for comorbid disorders.

Some therapist use behavioral treatments such as responding to a single identity and using more traditional therapy once consistent response is established. It has been stated that treatment recommendations that follow from models that do not believe in the traumatic origins of Multiple Personality Disorder might be harmful due to the fact that they ignore the posttraumatic symptomatology of people with Multiple Personality Disorder.

Safe Mantra for Diabetes

Posted by on May-15-2010

Sweet delicacies and chocolates are loved by everyone. But sometimes these mouth watering sweets are hazardous to those who are diabetic. Diabetes caused by insulin deficiency is one of the most common diseases. Though diabetics have many curing methods, Ayurveda is considered as the best treatment for diabetics. Ayurveda is the safest way to have a healthy life. Ayurveda, known as the backbone of Indian Medicines has proven to be a curing method with no side effects.
In Ayurveda, there is treatment for every disease. It may vary on each person depending upon his or her physical and mental state. Diabetes, a common disease now seen in every individual and can be cured through Ayuvedic treatment. Ayurveda suggests that diabetes can be cured by having a control over the daily diet.
The two common types of diabetes are caused through insulin resistance and insulin deficiency. Insulin resistance is the state when the pancreas produce excess amount of insulin and the human body is unable to utilize the Insulin generated by Pancreas. Insulin deficiency is the state when pancreas fail to generate the amount of insulin required for the body. This disease is caused because of the mal functioning of the pancreatic cells. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and hereditary factors also cause diabetics.
Diabetes, according to Ayurveda is a disease, which can be prevented by controlling the daily diet. Ayurveda suggests medicines, closely related with nature to prevent most of the diseases.


Posted by on May-8-2010

Landslide frequently occurs in mountainous areas and can cause serious damage. Roads, bridges, and houses may be destroyed and involve huge financial resources to repair. Landslides are caused due to geological factors, morphological factors, physical factors and factors associated with human activity. The causes of landslide may be considered to be factors that made the slope vulnerable to failure, that predispose the slope to becoming unstable. Trigger is just a single event that finally initiates the landslide.
A landslide is primarily a combination of several geological processes that include earth movements like extensive slope failures, rocks falling, and debris flow. These ground movements may take place in a coastal, offshore, and onshore environment. Gravity is the main force that causes landslides, in addition to other features that affect the ground stability.
Normally, the ground characteristics develop particular sub-surface soil conditions that cause the slope failure. However, the real landslide needs a trigger before it can be initiated. It is normally feasible to recognize the main landslide origin and the landslide triggers. The trigger may be a process concerning the weather, or a stimulation that produces instant slope reaction. Usually, such a movement is generated due to an alteration in the slope stresses. These types of geological formations are common in mountainous areas. Slope stabilization will be necessary to reduce the probability of landslides.
Sensors have been developed that are used for the landslide warning and detection by monitoring slope, displacement, rainfall, and flow. A careful analysis of this data can assist in the determination of the weak spots, and the ground water pressures. Data regarding the rate of slide movement is available that can forecast the state of the landslide process. Geotechnical analysis, including the study of slope stability, seismic behavior, and assessment of the site can be useful to provide an early warning of the landslide. The sensors can also provide early information regarding the harsh weather, and the slope conditions that are unsafe.