HMS Bounty

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I was surfing the Internet the other day looking for some information on ships and shipping companies. My better half was seated next to me. She declares that she’s supervising me, on whether I do something naughty on the net, but reality is that we discuss the information we find during these cyber expeditions.

That’s when we suddenly came across H.M.S Bountys

Ah! Another example of sailors cruelty, she retorted, why are sailors like you so cruel?

Am I cruel? Of course some of my gestures toward you may be that..but that doesn’t make me a cruel man!! My spontaneous answer brought a sudden smile!! a deep blush on her beautiful face, and she looked so much more charming!

The word bounty stands for charity, generosity etc, but do you sailors have any of these qualities in you? she wasn’t ready to lose.

Well, the world sees sailors as tough, cold blooded guys..but in the case of Bounty the story’s different. Its you women, who muddled up Bounty..all mutinies and wars were for land, wealth and women..

That’s because you men are fools. We women never ask you to wage wars and in spite of this if you go ahead and do so, it’s because we are smart! I have seen the movie Mutiny On-board H.M.S Bounty and it shows how cruel its captain was and still you blame women for the mutiny, she sulked.

Darling, Captain Bligh was not as cruel as you think he is..The captain’s log says that he was one of the most tolerable captains of his time..

Then, what provoked the mutineers? Was it his tolerance? she teased.

“Well, there’s really no strong evidence in this particular case..there are only floating rumors and some diaries of the sailors. And none of them talk about the captain being the real culprit. Bounty’s mission was to collect cheap food for the Caribbean slaves and their voyage took them to Tahiti, an island blessed with natural beauty and charming women. Some of the sailors lost their hearts to the Tahitian women, and they were reluctant to return, but compelled to I guess..

And then? she asked wide-eyed like a child listening to her favourite bedtime story.
Dragging my thoughts from her face to Bounty I tried to remember..Hmm, by April 28 1789 when the sailors mutinied, the ship had already sailed away from Tahiti. It was Fletcher Christian who led the mutineers; they detained Captain Bligh and eighteen others.

“Hey..but wait a minute, wasn’t Fletcher Christian supposed to have been his friend? she asked almost pleadingly..her doleful eyes making me laugh out for her innocence.

Yes, he was, but they had to return to the harsh realities of life on board, after spending some 6 months so comfortably on Tahiti. So there was an angry Bligh and angry crew..but looks Christian was getting affected the most. Bligh was telling him off during the day, and inviting him to dine with him in the evening!

Oh but that’s still no proof Bligh wasn’t cruel..

He wasn’t my dear, it’s Christian who kept up the pretense and decided to desert. Right up until the mutiny, Bligh never had a clue that he and Christian were not still friends.

Oh!! She dwelled on this..seeming to digest the news of a friend’s betrayal.

Well, but it could have been the women you know, I said, wanting to console her. Yes, Christian could have fallen hook, line and sinker for some Tahitian woman, there were some rumours for sure.

That satisfied her for the moment for she replied faking annoyance, Looks like you too are dreaming of some Tahitian woman..Tell me what happened after that.

I pretended to be scared of her mock anger, The mutineers pushed Capt Bligh and his men out of the ship onto an open boat, without adequate supplies and left them to perish in the open sea. But the smart Captain sailed nearly 4,000 nautical miles in one of the greatest escapes in History, that too on a rough sea, without even a route map.

What about Christian and the other mutineers? She was fixed on Christian, the betrayer..

They returned to Tahiti. But later, Christian and some of the mutineers moved to Pitcairn Island and set up life there. But the sad part is that they stripped the ship of all her valuables and set her ablaze! But eventually, all of them, including Fletcher Christian were killed in different instances of rebellion and insurgence.

Hmm..and those who stayed back at Tahiti? she asked, her mind sailing in distant waters now.

They were found by the British Navy and court-martialed.

See the power of women..she declared, “even the British Navy must have been scared of them, seeing that they can cause mutinies!

But if you were there, I am sure all this wouldn’t have happened, because Bligh himself
would have settled in Tahiti.

Oh! come on honey, whispering, she moved to the bedroom.

I sat still before the computer screen, my mind overflowing with thoughts of Bounty’s culprits getting their just punishment, the descendents of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives, who still live on Pitcairn Island with the remains and memories of the ship..the ship that loved the sea and sailed into the far horizons, only to be burnt to ashes and thrown to the same winds that had helped her sail H.M.S BOUNTY!

Note: January 23 is celebrated every year, on Pitcairn Island as Bounty Day.

  1. Amelia Said,

    Very interesting article. I have seen the movie and it is very fascinating. Fletcher is my favourite character. I like the way you talk to each other. You especially.

  2. Hrehan Mistry Said,

    Hi Freddy

    My passion is sailing and i feel so angry with the chaps who destroyed the ship. i think they asked for what they got. Bounty rocks. nice way to end the post

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    Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really liked browsing your blog posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

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