Skull and Cutlass

Posted by on Mar-24-2009

After dinner , me and my ‘lady’ cozily settled down on the sitting room sofa. I was carelessly surfing through the TV channels, which I usually do. ‘Stop stop’ she said suddenly ‘ I want to see the movie’ . ‘Oh no! not a Pirate movie again. Please I am fed up of them.’ with out even paying attention to my comment she snatched the remote from my hand . Even though I said so, I really enjoy watching pirate movies( ‘Pirate movies’ not ‘Pirated movies’ , please don’t misunderstand me, I am a gentle man).

‘ Hey why are they using a different flag , its not the usual flag of pirates ?’ she came up with a doubt. ‘ Yes its not ‘Jolly Roger’ I answered . ‘ Jolly Roger ? I am not referring to the actor , I am talking about the flag .’ ‘Yes honey , I get you. I am referring to the flag too. The pirate flag is called ‘Jolly Roger’. ‘ What don’t try to fool me ‘. ‘No I am not joking. This flag was first used by a pirate called Calico Jack.’ ‘Really sounds interesting tell me the story honey , please’

‘ Ok ok , Jack was an English Pirate captain , who terrorized the Caribbean waters till he was arrested in 1720, His birth name was John Rackham. He used to attack and plunder merchant ships and fishing vessels horrifying the sailors and fishermen of the Caribbean seas .

Two things made him unforgettable, The flag called ‘Jolly Roger’, featuring a skull and two crossed cutlass . which you just mistook as an actor.’ I said winking my eyes. ‘Oh, I agree your smarter than me’ she said gently hitting me on my shoulders. ‘Tell me what was the second thing ‘.

‘ His second memorable contribution was , that he employed two female pirates –Anne Bonny and Mary Read  in his crew’ . ‘What female pirates? your lying’. ‘No , darling I am not .These two were notorious and actively involved in piracy . Don’t feel that all females are harmless like you.’

‘Who said I am harmless’. She asked, with artificial seriousness  ‘Ok ok you are very ferocious , I agree, I agree, now get me a glass of water , pleeeeeease’.

As my ‘ferocious wife ’ moved to the kitchen, I sat with my mind full of thoughts about the modern descendants of  Calico Jack , the Somalian pirates , who rule the African waters . The collapse of the government in Somalia , made the sea fertile for piracy , there was however a slow down in its growth with the rise of ‘Islamic Courts’ in Somalia. But after the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, piracy budded again. As a result of chaos and confusions, the fishing industry, which was a source of livelihood for many declined and the job less fisherman were compelled to become pirates. Seeing the scope of piracy, the ‘warlords ‘ became the official sponsors of piracy . However, in most of the hijackings, the bandits  have not harmed their prisoners, hoping instead to be rewarded with ransoms.

I don’t know , whether its true ,but I have heard that the hostages are treated like tourists , and are given good food, cigars and drinks. Any way , I hope I don’t get a chance to enjoy their hospitality.

It is clear that, poverty is the father of piracy . Then who is the real villain –

Poverty or Piracy?????

  1. lee Said,

    Piracy can be justified becoz of poverty… dude. mistake is mistake…

  2. lee Said,

    what i meant is; it cannot be justified, sorry for the error

  3. Freddy Said,

    Mistake is mistake dude…

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    So beautiful blog!
    Thanks a lot for your sweet words 🙂

    a kiss and a hug for you,

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