Aghori or Terrifying

Posted by on Apr-4-2009

It was a fine morning in the ship, decorated with mesmerizing mist and gentle sunlight. I was starting my lazy day. (Raziya insisted I should brush my teeth.)

I had bought whatever newspaper and magazine I could find from the port. Sipping tea I was going through those one by one. Then I saw this title in an internationally reputed magazine ‘Aghora – The Indian Face of Cannibalism’. I was hooked. I had heard of Aghoras but didn’t know much about them. Dipped into the article and I sat there flabbergasted. What a way to kick off a day!

The Aghoras or Aghories, devotees of Hindu God Lord Shiva, are monists who adhere to the common Hindu belief in liberation (moksha) from the cycle of reincarnation (samsara). Because of this monistic doctrine, the Aghoris maintain that all opposites are identical and the conventional Hindu distinctions between purity and impurity are ultimately illusory. Aghories can be classified as revolutionaries, revolting against all the traditional concepts of Hinduism. They are eager in breaking the social and sexual taboos attached with Hindu religion. Some argue that they don’t belong to the religion at all.

The most important characteristic, which separates them from other Hindu ‘Saadhus’ or saints is Cannibalism and the Cannibalistic rituals. The Aghories live in grave yards and cover themselves with ash from the pyre. They use the remains of dead bodies for performing their rituals. They eat corpse of human beings with the belief that eating human flesh confers spiritual and physical benefits, such as prevention of aging. The human skull is used for serving divine potions. They are said to meditate on dead bodies, which they believe will enhance their spiritual powers. The origin of this Cannibalistic taste is, however, unknown.

It is said that when an Aghori feels his end is drawing near he chooses a successor, takes him to the dense forest and gives the responsibility of his body after death. The successor can eat the body after his death. According to Aghora faith this practice will transfer the powers and talents of the person to his successor.

I was really surprised to read that an American too was attracted to this faith and became an Aghori. He said that human flesh tastes like pork and smells like raw hide. “Fingers are most delicious” he adds.

Then I found this video.

It’s disgusting. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Aghori means ‘non-terrifying’ in Sanskrit. What an irony!

The legacy of a 5000 years old civilization is over shadowed by the horrible deeds of an unscrupulous few. The ugly manners of these folks, who form a negligible percentage of the population, are celebrated by the media eagerly defaming a nation which spreads the positive energy of Vedas all over the world…..

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    Well, with beef and mutton costing an arm and a leg in these economically difficult days….

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