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When ever I hear about wars, rebellions and uprisings, I wonder why people quarrel. God created land and water but man created boundaries. God  made the world and man made the modern world. When border lines are drawn on the soil, blood oozes from the hearts of millions. When a ‘Line of Control’ is established the minds  are wounded. The best example is of course India and Pakistan. Even after 60years, the injuries inflicted by the partition are still fresh and our LOC still reign as one of the most troublesome areas of the world.

The   word  LOC brings to my mind the picture of an area covered with barbed wires, high flying flags of India and  Pakistan , heavily guarded by soldiers, all these to separate a brother from another. But there is a point were all barriers are broken and borders are crossed- Pir Baba Shiekh Bramhs Dargah.
Pir Baba Shiekh , a Sufi saint is believed to be the disciple of Guru Nanak Dev the first Sikh guru . Baba Shiekh was also the eleventh successor to a Muslim Holyman Baba Sheikh Farid whose 134 hymns have been incorporated in the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhs.
The Sufi saints and shrines devoted to them, have contributed a lot towards communal harmony . Pir Baba Shiekh Bramhs Dargah  at the Indo-Pakistan international border near Mianwali Village in Khemkaran is one such Sufi shrine that has always brought Hindus and Muslims close to each other irrespective of their residence being on either side of the border. Thousands of devotees from India and Pakistan converge here to offer their obeisance at Pir Baba Sheikh Bramhs Dargah on every Thursday, the day devoted to Gurus. People patiently wait for their turn with deep reverence, with out being bothered by their nationality. The devotees from Pakistan, who cannot cross the international border, offer their obeisance by handing over their offerings to Border Security Forces jawans. These offerings are handed over to volunteers who take it inside the Dargarh and return them to be handed over to the devotees from Pakistan.( Thus the BSF Jawans act as the front end volunteers) Melas or Fares are held in Fagun month (March-April) and Sawan (August-September) as per Hindu calendar and witnesses a large number of Indians and Pakistanis’ convergence. The Pakistani devotees again depend on the BSF Jawans , for making the offerings.
The villagers, care takers of the shrine and the devotees wish that normality will be restored soon and Pakistani devotees are permitted freely into the shrine. It is believed all prayers are answered at this famous Dargah. Lets hope that their prayers will be answered soon and the benefits of it will be enjoyed by world ….

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