Ghost Ship

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My wife is very fond of horror stories and films and she has got a good collection of those. One night she was reading a novel about a ‘Ghost Ship’ and I was surfing through the net.

Suddenly she asked me “Honey, have u ever seen a ghost ship”.

“No I have not seen, but I am living with a ghost”, I gave a spontaneous answer and in reply, a pillow was thrown at me.

The concept Ghost ships have inspired a lot of stories, novels, films and even video games.
Stories about ghost ships floating in the deep seas have been haunting the sailors and inciting the listeners and they ask each other, is it true? Are there ghost ships? Tales about ghost ships have been adding flavour to these beliefs.

The ‘Flying Dutch men’ is the most legendary among ghost ships. According to the tale, the Flying Dutch men is a haunted ship ,which can never go home and is cursed to sail for ever. There have been many stories about the Flying Dutchman, but its origin is uncertain, as some believe it to be Dutch, while others say it came from an English play of the same name. In most versions of the story, the captain swore that he would not stop sailing in the face of a storm, but would continue to round the Cape of Good Hope until Judgment Day.  In other versions, a horrible crime took place on the Flying Dutchman, and the crew was infected with a plague or curse, and not allowed to sail into any port forever.  From afar, the Flying Dutchman is usually described as having a glowing ghost light to it. In ocean lore, the sight of this phantom ship is a portent of doom.

Some ghost ships are usually believed to be controlled by the dead, while some are real ships that have disappeared or sunk tragically. Some like the ‘Queen Mary’ are believed to be afloat even today haunted by ghosts. Queen Mary is an ocean liner that sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. She was converted to a troop ship during the Second World War. After Queen Mary’s retirement in 1967, it is now permanently docked as a tourist attraction. It is said to have ghosts on board with many
haunted areas.
The engine room is said to be haunted by a man crushed by a door during a fire drill.
The first class swimming pool has had numerous sightings of people in period bathing suits, while sounds of water splashing have also been heard. Â The Queen Mary’s third class children’s playroom is said to be haunted by the cry of an infant who died on board, while the Queen’s salon has had various sightings of a woman dancing in a white evening gown.

Some of the first class suites have had supernatural occurrences, as well. Â Reports of a man appearing in a mirror, running water, tugging of bed covers, phones ringing in the middle of the night and lights turning on and off have been on-going for years.

Some real ghost ships like Mary Celeste have said to be seen with out crew. It was originally named ‘Amazon’ and later it was changed to ‘Mary Celeste’. It was believed to be cursed from the beginning and it had met with a lot of misfortunes and had a lot of owners. On its last voyage, the Mary Celeste left New York City in November of 1872, carrying methanol and ten people as it headed for Genoa, Italy.
Two of the ten aboard were passengers. In December of 1872, the Mary Celeste was found drifting off of the coast of Portugal – solid and with cargo. None of the crew or passengers were ever found. Â The ship appeared deliberately abandoned, as its life boat had been launched. Â Mysterious blood stains were found on three railings, and a blood stained sword was also found hidden under the Captain’s bed. There has been much speculation as to what happened aboard the Mary Celeste, but no
one knows for sure.

The tales  of Ghost ships go on, with new stories joining the collection one after another. Scientist have explained that Phantom ships are caused by Superior mirage or ‘Fata Morgana’  in the sea. In this form of mirage, objects on the horizon or even beyond the horizon, such as islands, cliffs, ships or icebergs, appear elongated and elevated, like “fairy tale castles”. Fata Morgana  of a ship might take different faces. Even if a boat does not seem to fly, it looks ghostly, unusual, deserted and ever changing appearance
.At times it makes a ship float inside waves, or inverted ship sails above its real companion.

What ever be the scientific explanation, Ghost ships keep on haunting the minds of people…….

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