Sharks in your Drawing room

Posted by on Jun-20-2009

Once I visited a friend’shouse. He had just returned from an Atlantic voyage. Just as I entered his house ,I felt smell of a dry fish .It actually made me happy, because I am very fond of dry fish and anticipated that he might have brought some special dry fish , to give me a treat. Any how I kept my manners.

He was detailing his journey , as if he was ‘Ferdinand Magellan’ , but I was dreaming about the lunch with dry fish dishes . He was cracking jokes and I was forced to laugh, all for the lunch. I was secretly praying for a lunch break so that he would stop blabbering and I could get my favorite stuff.

As an answer to my prayers, the clock struck 1. It was time for a lunch break. I eagerly moved to the dining table, dishes were served one by one, but something was missing – the dry fish and I was surprised .

Without showing my astonishment and disappointment, keeping manners, I casually asked him about dry fish, intending to remind him if he had forgotten to serve it.

‘I got the smell of dry fish as I entered and I expected it for lunch’

‘Oh really, I will tell you what it was after the lunch ‘. His reply really made me sad and I

lost all my interest in lunch. Half heartedly, I devoured what was served. The main course was followed by tasty pudding.

After the lunch we sat to resume the conversation. Before he could start his travelogue, I interrupted –

“What was the smell of dry fish about?”

‘Oh! I forgot. Come I will show you .’

He took me to a corner of the hall a showed me a dangler.

‘See this is were the smell comes’. I stood amazed.

Reading my feeling from my face , he continued

This Dangler is made with heads of ‘Hammer sharks. Heads I found while exploring a beach on eastern Baja. Anglers from a nearby fishing camp cleaned their catches there and left the remains for the vultures, crabs, flies and ants. Those recyclers did a good job. The sharks’ eye sockets were empty, and the flesh was gone. Skin, however, gray on top and white underneath, still covered the cartilaginous skulls. It

seemed odd the insides of the shark heads were clean but the skin was still intact and stinky. Shark skin is such tough stuff, even crabs pass on it. I gathered seven shark heads.

As I packed my shark heads to bring it home. My colleagues asked me, why I am packing these scraps, I explained to them about the unseen scope of shark heads .

As he finished his story. I once again had a closer look at the dangler. The skulls covered with shark skin was clearer to me .

What a pity. The heads which once terrorized their prey, are now decorating a hall…

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