Truth is stranger than fiction

Posted by on Jul-11-2009

When you hear about some real life experiences, you feel they are more fictitious than fiction. “The Sea hero incident” is one such thing, which is weird than any thriller.

On 4th May 1882 a Brazilian martial vessel “Araguari” was patrolling near the mouth of the river Amazon. Suddenly the crew members accidentally saw a sealed bottle with a card inside it floating in the sea .They opened the bottle and read what was written in the card.

It said “On board the schooner” Sea Hero “rebellion. Kapitan zabity. Captain killed. Pierwszy oficer wyrzucony za burtÄ™. The first officer was thrown overboard. Ja, drugi I, the second oficer, zostaÅ‚em siÅ‚Ä… zmuszony do prowadzenia statku. Officer, I was forced to power operation of the vessel. Oni każą mi pÅ‚ynąć do ujÅ›cia Amazonki, nasza prÄ™dkość 3,5 They bid me sail to the mouth of the Amazon, our speed of 3.5
wÄ™zÅ‚a. node. Ratujcie nas!” Save us! ” .

There was a rebellion in the ship and the rebels took control and imprisoned the officers of the ship, killed the Captain and the first officer. They were requesting for help. The letter was written by the second officer of the Sea Hero.

The Brazilian Master of the ship , quickly checked the register and found the details of the ship . A ship of the name “Sea Hero” was built in 1866 and sailed from the port of Hull in England. He orders for immediately chasing the rebels.

They traced the ships and over powered the rebels and arrested them. The second officer of “Sea Hero”, who had requested for help, took the command of the ship since the Captain and the First officer were killed by the rebels.

The ship was then taken into Falk island and then to England. The rebels were tried there and it was in the trial that the whole story was revealed. The patrols reached the ship and arrested the rebels with in 2 hours of the rebellion. The court congratulated them and asked the captain how he came to know about this mishap , so fast.

He explained that it was the letter of the second officer which helped them in doing this. The letter explained the, what happened on board, the direction and the speed of the ship was clearly mentioned in the letter, This helped them to chase the ship and take speedy effective action . But the second officer Hadger’s reply surprised everyone.

I have never written such a letter, in fact I didn’t get a chance to. I was over powered by the rebels and was under their custody till the patrols arrived.

Everyone was wondering who wrote the letter. Was it the done by some holy spirit? Further investigation revealed the suspense.

A writer called John Parmington had written a novel called “Sea Horse”. It was a story of a ship rebellion . As a part of the marketing campaign he bought 5000 whisky bottles and put letters containing fake information about the rebellion onboard “Sea Horse” and floated these bottles in the sea. One of these bottles were carried by sea currents to the Brazilian patrols and resulted in all that happened. The fact which adds to this weirdest coincidence it is that , Parmington did all this 16 years before the Sea horse mutiny. The bottles were flowing undisturbed for 16 years to save the ship from the catastrophe.

Is this sheer coincidence or a pre planned thriller by the almighty???

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