Deep from her heart!!

Posted by on Jun-30-2008

Walked towards the front yard with a cup of tea to see my morning lady. She wished me the finest morning with her worldly gesture. The First breeze of the day! It’s from the depth of her heart. She knows I abode here only to greet her every moment. Last moment she left a note in my villa.

The Japanese wind chimes inside my villa is struggling each other to sing but she does her part and leaves my villa. Let she be the host of the world but for me she is my inevitable guest.
She is my first friend. Indeed the friend of every Mariner! She is also my wife’s neighbor. She comes now and then to see us to get rid of her loneliness.

The lady with too many secrets! Deep inside her heart. Is she willing to share with us?

I had abandoned her many times but never complained. With the same warmth she greets me the next day. The dignified damsel! It seems she is bringing me new stories from every corner of the world. If she starts writing it would be the end of man’s literature. Damn it! Her interpretations about life would be just unimaginable. I would just stop even thinking about to write anything. In spite of all this it is really admirable the way she carries herself.
God quotes, “Here lies the Real and True modesty from Vastness”.

But have I done justice to her. She is alone in the day and all alone in the fearsome night.

She maintains her silence when I get immersed in my thought at night. She whispers and ensures that I am not disturbed. My wife says that her silence has an enchanting music.

Truly it is the nature’s music or mantra of Wisdom!

  1. Rani Said,

    Amazing literary skill. Awaiting more from the coffers. 🙂 🙂

  2. Tim Bernard Said,

    U have a poetic heart for sure

  3. VIPIN Said,

    simply Charismatic…

  4. Mehboob Said,

    Yes truly the nature’s music or mantra of wisdom…. touching !!!

  5. Meharsen Said,

    The lines “Yes truly the nature’s music or mantra of wisdom…”

    Touching !!!

  6. jeffry brown Said,

    Poetic and soothing. I saw the blog while i was flying from New york to vancouver. excellent piece of work. Freddy definetly i will join your cruise.

    Jeffry brown.

  7. Sapna George Said,

    Very refreshing indeed, Freddy……… are truely teaching me how to find peotry and life of the most trivial things yet they splash such wonderful colours .

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