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It is a scientifically accepted fact that high and low tides are caused by the attraction of the Sun and Moon. It is also observed that certain diseases aggravate during new moon and full moon days. Thus we can conclude that celestial bodies influence the earth and its inhabitants. Astrology is based on this basic concept.

According to Indian Astrology or Jyothisathra, even the state of health of an individual is influenced by the positions and movements of the Navagrahas. It is believed that certain movements of particular planets or ‘grahas’ may intensify certain diseases and certain diseases are caused due to the presence of grahas in disturbing positions during the birth of a human being.

The ancient Ayurvedic physicians of India were also aware of this power of the Navagrahas and the intensity of their influence on humans. Thus they gave considerable importance to Astrology in prescribing a treatment. It was mandatory in Ancient India that all the Ayurvedic physicians, should have thorough knowledge in Astrology. Since the possibilities of Astrology can be effectively used in Ayurvedic treatments.

Both Ayurveda and Jyotish Shastra are known as Vedic sciences, which have developed and is recorded in the most ancient scriptures of Indian tradition and are intertwined and intermingled.

Ayurveda is based on the three constitutions, the three dosha’s. These three dosha’s are called vata, pitta and kapha. Vata corresponds to air, pitta to fire, and kapha to earth and water and certain grahas are considered to be associated with the Tri Dosha. The difference in composition of the Tri Doshas is based on the Zodiac sign of a person. The position of a particular graha affects the health of the person, even the movement of grahas may worsen certain diseases. Thus the horoscope of the patient is thoroughly studied by the physician before suggesting the remedies only after this scrutiny .

At times the treatment begins only after brief rituals called the ‘Dosha Parihara Poojas’, to reduce the intensity of the cosmic effects of the grahas and to pacify those which are adversely affecting the health of the patient. Gemology which is a part of Astrology is also resorted by physicians, since wearing a particular gem can reduce or neutralize the effect of a ‘Dosha graha’ or problematic graha and even help in bringing good luck to patient.

These rituals and practices boost the mental strength of the patient which is very essential for the treatment to be effective. These will increase the confidence of the patient and his improved mental health and peace of mind will double the effect of the treatment providing a speedy recovery. Astrology is also used to predict the diseases which may occur in future and Ayurvedic precautionary measures can be taken to avert this.

Ayurveda, the life of science and Jyothi Shastra ,the science of correlation of heavenly bodies with human existence can be undoubtedly called as the two in separable components of Human welfare.

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