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Posted by on Aug-22-2009

I happen to go through an article which spoke about the vedic astronomy that relates to the Hindu/Indian mythology . It says that by astrology, the future and fortune of humanity which is just like Microbes on this Atom like Earth, are forecasted, while Astronomy not only gives perfect knowledge of the Earth to the universe, but logically demonstrates and proves that every Celestial shining object in such a broad universe is full of life and spirit. Organic Energy and Inorganic Matter are inter-twined and are one.

In the Indian Spiritual History ‘Deva’ symbolizes a power that lives in paradise. Word ‘Deva’ starts from the root Div to shine. Devas are in the sky (Gagana Sadrasham) and are stars, from which the solar system (Surya Mandal), Local Star Clusters (Brahmondas), Galaxies (Jagats) Super Galaxies (Maharlokas) and the Universe (Vishva) are formed. These Devas are in the sky as stars, and their lights are said to show their existence. Idols in the temples are the images of these Star Devas. Leaving aside the collection of knowledge of these Celestial Devas in the sky, they degenerated their energies in worshipping the idols in the temples, and thereby lost knowledge and essence of knowledge by mere dogmatic rituals. The man who is the master of the Earth, is the minutest form of the Creator of the Universe, which truth can be demonstrated through Astronomy, and the same truth is described in religious scriptures and there, knowledge (Gnana), scientific knowledge (Tatwagnana), converge and forms Dharma, religion. This truth not only affects the Microbe like mankind on the atom like earth, but it affects all forms of life at various stages existing in the whole Universe (Vishva).

The foreign rulers of India from their very start, compiled their system of education in such a way that all the intellectuals of a whole were taught to look towards their religion and scriptures as a mass of mythologies. In their distorted forms the scientific facts in the scriptures, appear like that to every one. The main cause for such distortion is that, all the valuable knowledge gathered by civilized nations of ancient times may have been destroyed abruptly and catastrophically by natural calamities, like earthquakes, inundations, explosions and upheavals. At such critical times, the surviving remnants of human race, would try their utmost to preserve the ancient knowledge. But after lapse of centuries, and in absence of scholars to teach and explain the scientific meanings and conduct experiments, wrong and distorted explanations would be recorded. These would be preserved with religious zeal from generation to generations and such distortions also would be believed as real truths by faithful followers.

Thus the magnificent scientific facts described in the scriptures are considered as ludicrous and sometimes highly scandalous mythological stories. Intellectual scholars with religious mentality would try to explain such absurd and scandalous statements of distorted knowledge, in various ways, which make the distortions hundreds of times more complexes.

In some cases, surprisingly, such knowledge exceeds even the modern scientific researches and conclusions.

By examining the sequence beginning from an atom and reaching upto the Universe, it is found that there is equivalence at every stage. Vishva is called Universe in English. There are two scientific root meanings for the word Universe.  ‘Uno’ means one and ‘Verso’ means ‘I see’ i.e. I see oneness in everything from an atom to the Universe. It explains that everything in universe in one. Second meaning: Latin Universum means whole. Unus means one and versus means turn. It explains the whole turns. Both meanings as applied to the Universe are highly scientific. Cosmology proves that universe turns. These knowledge scientists gave us after experimenting in 20th century. But, 1800 years ago in 180 A.D. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelious, has written this knowledge in this book ‘Meditation’ which he wrote on a battlefield just like the ‘Gita’ in the Indian mythology.

The passage runs… There is no difference in the construction of an atom and the universe. Both are constructed on the same principles.

Courtesy : Marvels Of Vedic Astronomy by Late Sri Anakchandra Bhayawala

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