No one !!!

Posted by on May-9-2009

I walked back to my villa after sensing her.

I felt someone calling me. I just turned back. But to my astonishment there was no one. No one! This voice is familiar to me. A familiar voice, seems little aged. I knew this voice but couldn’t recollect. I stood there for a while thinking. I shouldn’t have responded that suddenly. It couldn’t complete. It was a voice seeking something.
I could see nothing. Except her. It’s awesome to witness the day’s first spokesperson diving into her morning gown. I stood still thinking.

Hey! Who is it?

Is it the sunflower birds chirping in her garden? Watching them today morning was something unusual. I haven’t cared to observe those visitors in her garden till this day. She flower the garden and front yard with wheat before leaving for jogging. They are her creativity’s well wisher. She discusses with them her new ideas. They in turn advice and criticize her. She entrust them lovingly. They too! Amongst the flock, the wisely small one was just looking at me. Is it saying something?

Yes it is. It says, “Man! Go get back to your work. Go win the bread for your family today”

It just took off from my sight giving me the piece of advice. In no second the flock disappeared to heights.

My lady is silent now. But the voice remains in my ear. What has it to say to me?

She smiles, “My lord! No one from nowhere with nothing”.

  1. Jean Chirak Said,

    its good to take advice from early birds

  2. Ninah Said,

    Certain times …. we can feel that … ur right

  3. Sapna George Said,

    Freddy………..short story was good and i will be coming back to read more.

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