09/09/09 Dark Day?

Posted by on Sep-8-2009

Man always stood wonder struck by the forces of nature .

Babylonians … Syrians… Greeks… all of them began to worship the forces of nature.

According to Indian astrology, natural calamities were considered as the anger of various Deities.
Indians were said to be capable of predicting time – good and bad – and climatic changes merely by observing the cosmic sky.

According to Indian astrology the earth and the nature are always under the control of the stars and nine planets. The nine planets- Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Saturn from the solar system. Sun and Moon are also considered as planets. With the two imaginary ones – Rahu and Ketu make up Navagrahas . The most terrible and mysterious among these is Saturn or ‘Shani’.

Every change in Shani and his position is supposed to create disasters, at least in one corner of the world. It includes natural calamities and man-made disasters. Shani is the destructor among the deities, the one with a dark side.

Science has explanations for the disasters. At the same time astrology explains and predicts it in its own way.

The movement in Shani creates changes in the arrangement of plates in the Earth and these dreaded changes result in catastrophes like the Tsunami.

Apart from the catastrophes it could create on earth Shani can even influence the thoughts of humans resulting in riots and wars, which can happen at any corner of the world.

In the case of humans, while Mercury and Venus bring in richness and prosperity, Shani saws the seeds of misery – creating some sort of a balancing mechanism.

Whenever Shani changes its phase, history has witnessed disasters. Natural calamities like earth quakes, cyclones, floods or collisions in space and man-made disasters like wars and terrorist attacks could be related to the changes in the position of Shani.

Another such day is near; the day Shani changes its position. It’s on 09-09-09.

This day has the same importance in the Gregorian calendar and the Indian astrological calender.

Another disaster awaits the earth. What could it be?

  1. prasad Said,

    sarinte sambhashanam dubai radioyil kettu santhosham manassil oru agraham sarinte padathil onnu mugham kanikkan paisa onnum venda ithu vare abhinayichittilla maranam adukkunnu ennu thonnunnu

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