Sinbad the sailor

Posted by on Sep-12-2009


It’s a difficult name for me to pronounce. But Raziya likes it when I call her Scheherazade. I call her names every now and then. I really want to, but if I post some of those here this post will be deleted forever 🙂


According to Raziya, she is the greatest storyteller among the whole lot of them. I argued. But she didn’t give up. If Scheherazade’s stories failed to capture the imagination of the listener- there was only one- she would be beheaded the next morning. “Think about it… your life hanging on the story you narrate.” she said.

The listener Shahryar was a king. Scheherazade carried on narrating stories for 1001 nights. 1001 nights! Now you know what I a’m talking about.

Her stories saved her life. According to the legend the king would marry a new virgin everyday, spent a night with her and beheaded her in the morning. He was taking revenge on his first wife who cheated on him. Thousands of innocent women lost their lives before Scheherazade decided to marry him. The wise women started narrating a story, which went on the whole night and stopped half way at daybreak. The king couldn’t wait to hear the rest of it. 1001 nights passed and the king fell in love with the story teller.

Of the tales my own Scheherazade told me I liked the ones with Sinbad as hero. Sinbad, the sailor.

Sinbad was prodigal in his youth and spoiled his fortune. He was forced to earn a living as a merchant at sea. What a life he had!

He daringly crossed the seven seas, fought with high waves, thunder storms, horrifying whales, met mysterious creatures, weird men, kings and demons, caught in shipwrecks, met beautiful women, piled gems and diamonds… Sin and Bad, I would say.

Some call him a notorious rogue, the pirate captain, ever to sail the seven seas. I disagree.

His is fascinating stories. Exotic adventures. Valiant and fearless and god at his side Sinbad got through the all the challenges in his voyages.

That is a sailor’s life…

I’m envious… I wish I could join him in his ship. I wish I could live inside a fairy tale.

I like it when Raziya calls me Sinbad.

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