Turban from Khetri

Posted by on Feb-7-2009

Let the book remain virgin for just one more day, I think as I move my hands from it to another, half read by this very intellectual sailor, the book- ‘Swami Vivekananda’.

It’s said..never get carried away by the external appearance of things, because it may not be the same within. This is true. The exteriors of two entities attracted me toward them and the interiors weren’t matching, they were even more beautiful! One is my ‘beloved’ and the other – this book and honestly! I don’t regret my choice.

The handsome figure of this Swami, with his unique outfit on the cover of the book, has drawn me toward the book…and I soon discovered that the contents were more striking than the cover. He has studied the world from the East and described it in the West. And, the sunset at the tip of the motherland still reminds me of the echoing speech of the legend.

I often wonder how Swami’s outfit differed from those of conventional Hindu Sanyasis. I feel his turban is really smart.
The other day, I too wrapped a turban around my head using ‘her’ shawl and stood before the mirror to admire the get-up and I should say I resembled a ‘Scare crow’.

I searched this book to find out how Swami got this unique turban and at last stumbled upon the answer. It was the Maharajah of Khetri who introduced him to the turban during his stay there. The turbans were used as a shield from the extreme heat in that region. The Maharajah, who funded Swami’s trip to Chicago, taught him the art of wrapping the turban to resist the hot winds that blew in Khetri. I feel Swami probably found himself looking nice in the turban, and so used it even in tolerable climes. The donation by the Maharajah was not limited to just funds..Swami was titled Vivek Ananda by his majesty himself! The Maharajah is really smart, isn’t he?

Another story which caught my attention was Swami’s encounter with a press reporter. Once a British press reporter asked him – “Swami, Indians are weird, some of you are fair and some of you are dark, but look at us, all of us are fair. “

Swami retorted spontaneously, “Cows have different colours but buffaloes have the same colour!”

As I read this, I wonder which herbivorous species do I belong to..?

  1. Gautam Said,

    Its really a great piece of information for me… thanks Freddy

  2. Margrett Said,

    There are certain things which make Individuals unique.. mahatma Gandhi’s simplicity, Nehru ‘s rose over his Suite etc.

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