My mind`s enigmatic journey

Posted by on May-14-2008

This is my mind’s journey. It is on its way of quest. Trust me it is not alone. There is always someone who takes me for a ride to those unknown areas when I start writing. Someone is constantly following and guiding me in my writing. I can feel it. Right here beside my table. It has shown me the truths that were being concealed for decades. For years I was pretending that it is quite natural. Some times I try to make up my mind, believing that as you grow older the reality gets tougher. Probably it would be someone’s need to put my thoughts in writing.

At certain instances, junk of memories haunts me. One cannot call it as haunting or beckons of mortals exactly but I enjoy, me being used. Is it an illusion? No not exactly but. Oh!! I am sorry, terribly failing to explain it to you. Even I failed to explain to her. She understood my mind’s chaos.

Desperately someone is taking efforts and pain to reveal something. What is it? All these years I have come across many instances. It is not mere thoughts instead they are beautiful and informative insights. I started reading many books to ensure whether my insights can be substantiated. Slowly I developed an inclination towards the methodology of researching. Some of my areas of interests are History of Continents, Traditions and Cultures; Indian Mythology etc .My wife helps and inspires me on my research. She!! Oh! I am extremely sorry to keep you waiting knowing about my family.

I am a happily married man. My wife! She inspires me in putting my thoughts and experiences in writing. All these days she used to write for me. But this time I felt I would do the writing myself. I let her free in her own world of interests. She is the best music lover that I have ever come across in my life. Give her any topic she could assail you with ideas, facts, statistics etc.

I have a habit of getting juggle with different topics of discussion. At the midst of a discussion I would easily swift from the former and would get involved in another. My friends, peers and colleagues think I am loony or insane. But it is really interesting to see those guys going insane when they booze and dance in pubs, clubs and on streets. I clutter them as the sadist pigs creating nuisance to neighbors. I usually react to their comments giving a sarcastic smile. Perhaps my mind’s indifference is loony to them.

She says I am always preoccupied with something. Yes, I am.

It’s my Mind’s Enigmatic Journey!!. I know it. But I really love this state of mind. I am sure it would be quite interesting to you when you board my cruise. Let we move on and get to know each other. I am sure you will have something to say.

Its 2am in the morning when I started scribbling on my Laptop. It was just after a dream of someone waking me up for his urgency I got up. Now its 5 am. The seabirds started their work for the day.

  1. Catherine Said,

    awesome … looks some mystery somewhere.. keep going

  2. balaji Said,

    good melody

  3. Capt. Mark Mc Arthur Said,

    Hi Capt. Brown,

    I can find myself in your articles. I feel like its I who am living in this article. I have also confronted quite images of self. Mark, Arthur, Capt. Mc Arthur , Macky are a few to name….. feel the journey in sailorsdairy is my mind’s enigmatic jorney.

    Capt. Mc Arthur

  4. Nandini Iyyer Said,

    Freddy, you are so right.. guess there lives a freddy in me…Mind tries to topple over the waves..But at times its so difficult to vanquish them…

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