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Posted by on Dec-21-2009

Raziya always loved to gaze at the star lit sky from the deck. Once I told her that we are looking at the light omitted from them many light years back. “How unromantic!” she said. Reaction as usual.

But I always wondered how the stars affect and control our lives. I’m talking out of our own experiences. As I understand it, everything in this universe is connected and sometimes it goes beyond our understanding. I remember writing a post about Indian astrology and the concept of Navagrahas in Sailorsdiary.

This time it’s about Cancer and Pisces, right after hearing Raziya reading out the daily horoscope from a website. As a matter of fact I’m a Cancerian and Raziya, a Piscean woman. Look how we are connected to water!

Cancer is ruled by the moon and yes, I’ve the mood swings in times like the moon. My element is water. As the news paper said, and it’s true, the strength lies in the ability to nurture others, in being compassionate, caring and fiercely loyal. Like a Crab- hard outside, soft inside. And we are clannish towards my family and group (read Mariners). Cancerians are good with memory, emotional impressions to be precise, we even recollect dreams. We easily come up innovative solutions, have wonderful imagination and makes decisions based on logic (I love this website).

And then, we could be jealous (who is not!), sometimes feels insecure (of course not when Raziya is around) and lazy (always when Raziya is around) and becomes unorganized and hate discipline (not when I’m Captain Brown). Cancerians are the most compatible with Pisces and Taurus.

Pisces… Raziya is reading about her sign now. The compatibility first…
“Pisces and Cancer will have an instant rapport with each other that will run deep. Both have a compassionate attitude towards others in distress and will be ready to help. Both are blessed with artistic talent and they will share a love for admiring beauty. While Pisces tends to be an imaginative dreamer, Cancer is an imaginative worker. They may have minor quarrels but these will end amicably in bed. Their extraordinary sexual chemistry will send up sparks. They will enjoy the sensual pleasures of sex especially in a luxurious, romantic setting, – flowers, candles, silk cushions – the works.”

“They can almost read each other’s minds and just one glance is enough to communicate a lot. Both will be extremely affectionate and express their affections quite openly. Both suffer from mood swings and are extremely creative. They live in a world of their own, a world that packs in a great deal more emotion than the average sign. Their sex life will sizzle as they try experiments in bed. Their chemistry will be intense and exciting.”

Pisces, again, is a water sign. They are gentle, soft and accept their surroundings and easily adopts. They rarely get angry. Religion and mysticism attract them. They are great dreamers and sometimes have trouble distinguishing dreams from reality (Wow!).

“They are incurable foodies and love to indulge in a wide range of cuisine from all over the globe. Their dreamy nature makes them fond of things like poetry, sunsets, waterfalls, candles and other romantic things. They love to travel to exotic places and immerse themselves in new, exciting experiences.”

“Fine arts like music, literature, painting or designing are ideal career choices for Pisceans as it helps them explore their creative and dreamy side. Pisceans make good architects, lawyers and caterers.” (I’m blown out!)They are remarkably receptive to new ideas and environment which is an advantage in these careers and can gain them fame and money. (Oh… Raziya…)

Pisces Celebrities: Rupert Murdoch, Mikail Gorbachev, Michaelangelo, Sidney Poiter and Raziya Fredrick Brown… 😉


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