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Posted by on Jan-2-2010

Time runs like winged chariot, leaving behind a lot of cherishing memories. Time is like sand, it slips from our hand when we try to hold it tight. We can never hold time and tide as it waits for none. We keep flowing accordingly. We all keep going…
The year 2009 has ended and we have welcomed the New Year 2010 with great expectations. Before we totally move into the New Year lets have a look at some of the major events and happenings that took place across the globe in 2009. 2009, like most years, has been eventful.

The Year began with the swear in ceremony of Barack Obama, the first African American, who became the 44th President of United States of America. Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America on 20.1.09. Not only is he the first ‘black’ president but he is also of Muslim descent. It would not be incorrect then to say that in a country that was once actively discriminatory towards the blacks and is today fighting wars to end Islamic jihad, Obama managed to break quite a few stereotypes.

Then a few gunmen gave great shock to the cricket lover in March by attacking the Srilankan team during their Pakistan Cricket Tour. The consequence is now no country is ready to play cricket in Pakistan. When gunmen attacked a bus full of Sri Lankan cricketers in Pakistan on 3.3.09; it was another nail in the coffin of Pakistani cricket. Now no one is willing to play in Pakistan. Without tournaments, there will be no money to improve cricketing infrastructure. Without which their standard of cricket will fall. Poor cricket means low entertainment and lesser money. It was a HUGE nail in the coffin of Pakistani cricket.

The G-20 London Summit on 20.4.09 saw the state leaders and not financial heads gather to discuss the continuing financial crisis. They decided to provide 1 trillion USD to various programs designed to improve international finance, credit and trade. More importantly, there was a shift in the power nexus at the summit. While America finally seemed to be loosing some of its stronghold, China was very influential.

The death of Michael Jackson on 25.6.09 shocked all the music lovers. The media circus around his death was appalling with conjecture over cause of death, custody of his children, evaluation of his estate and who would get their hands on all that money. In the middle of all of this, there were many tributes to Jackson and his contribution to music. It was only then that we remembered how great he really was. MJ you were a genius.

We witnessed the longest total solar eclipse of the century on 22.7.09. In fact, it is not to be surpassed until June 2132. Southeast Asians were especially lucky as it was best visible in China, Japan, India and Nepal. In India, thousands of pilgrims gathered on the banks of the Ganga to experience the eclipse from a religious or spiritual perspective. This event of astronomical reminded us once again, how small our role is in this humungous universe.

Though the WHO had declared the H1N1 or swine flu outbreak a epidemic in June, the panic did not hit India till 8.8.09 with the death of a 14 year old girl. The government failed in handling the crisis as they restricted availability of treatment to government run facilities which we all know are inefficient. The need for a better health care system and faster dissemination of information became undeniable.

The G-20 Pittsburg Summit on 24.9.09 resulted in the announcement that the G-20, replacing the G-8, will now become the permanent council for international economic cooperation. This was a much needed step towards dissemination of power in international politics. Developing nations like India, China and Brazil will now have a bigger role in decision making.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was awarded the responsibility of hosting 2016 Summer Olympics on 2.10.09. Rio thus became the first South American country to host the Olympics games. Winning such a bid is sure shot way of ensuring a boost to a city’s infrastructure – sports, hospitality, transport, security et al. As we have seen for Delhi with Commonwealth Games, the responsibility can be overwhelming and let’s hope that Rio handles it better!

The economy of Dubai was valued at 46 billion USD in 2006. Following the recent economic slump and therefore a halt in its massive renovation and development projects, the city requested a debt deferment on 27.11.09. The announcement caused a sharp downturn in global stock markets reminding us that the recession is not over yet.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is one of the biggest events in December 09. On 18.12.09, it was announced that a meaningful agreement had been reached between the United States, China, India, South Africa and Brazil pledging 30 billion USD to the developing world over the next three years and sets a target to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.

Thus went the year 2009 leaving behind both good and murky events. Though some ghastly events kept us smacked but it did not stopped us from moving. We all kept going and welcomed the New Year with a whole heart.

Happy New Year 2010…

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