Costa Rica has it all….

Posted by on Jan-18-2010

The sun was rising up sharing its light, driving away the dark night. I was standing in the deck and I could see a tropical paradise. This time my destination is Costa Rica. I was getting closer to the Costa Rica Island. Costa Rica, officially the Republic of Costa Rica. is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the east and south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Costa Rica, which translates literally as “Rich Coast”, constitutionally abolished its army permanently in 1949. Costa Rica is composed of seven provinces, which in turn are divided into 81 cantons each of which is directed by a mayor.

It is an ideal tropical paradise for your vacation. Tourists can enjoy the pristine beaches and see whales and dolphins play. For Nature lovers there is a great variety of exotic wildlife and tropical plants. Butterflies and orchids, crocodiles and sharks, turtles and Toucans´ are everywhere. The rainforest covering the mountains are a paradise for eco tourism. Life is good in Costa Rica, a friendly, democratic and peaceful country.

Its varied landscapes and mild climate make this small country the perfect getaway for a spectacular vacation, medical or health tourism, a memorable business meeting or convention.

For action vacation you can surf, hike, do rafting, canopying, diving, deepwater fishing and snorkeling. You can go with a low budget or seek the more exclusive resorts. For relaxation there are beautiful unique golf courses and luxury spas. The hotels have all the modern comforts in the most private and secluded environments.

Exuberant nature, pristine beaches, active volcanoes, contrasting landscapes, impressive places of scenic beauty, biological diversity…

… this is Costa Rica …

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  1. Mr.Math Said,

    you heard about the mysterious “The Stone Spheres
    of Costa Rica”

  2. Sarah Said,

    It’s great whenever someone asks me about Costa Rica, best vacation hotels, the real estate investment outlook, or the wellness aspects. I enjoy sharing my experiences in making choices when visiting Costa Rica’s southern Pacific Coast.

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