9 Emotions of the Ocean

Posted by on Jan-30-2010

Oceans make our planet unique. The deepest oceans have many untold mysteries, legends and stories. The beauty of the ocean has been well described by many great poets and writers. The water in these oceans has made our life on earth possible. Water gives life but the same water leads to destruction.

As a mariner my life is always tied with these oceans which make my life incredible. I am emotionally bound to them. The thing that I have realized about these deep oceans is that they too have emotions as we have. The sea depicts the Navarasas, the nine rasas. Navarasa is an emotional theme; the movement of the waves can be associated with the nine rasas of emotions.

If we carefully observe the waves we can realize that they too portray all the Navarasas. The waves remind me of Hasya when they shatter like the white pearls on striking the shore as if they are giggling. They portray ‘Shringara’ when it tickles us with the gentle waves in the beaches of Miami. The ocean shows its ‘Karuna’ compassion by been the home for thousands of species which thrive in it and also to the human beings who depend on it for their livelihood.

I have been through many sea routes but the one which has astonished me is the ‘Dead Sea’ where everything floats on the surface, thus it depicts Adbhuta. The deep treasure hidden in the base of the ocean is also a wonder to me. Antarctica surrounded by the Southern Ocean; in the southern hemisphere is completely silent place where even the ocean is frozen as if it is trying to maintain the calmness of the place. The ocean portrays the Shanta Rasa by showing its tranquility.

Tsunami, even the thought of the word fills us with fear of the black day. The ocean showed it’s most terrorizing face when it struck the shore as the violent tsunami waves taking away the lives of thousands, where it portrayed ‘Bhayanaka’.

Sometimes due to some internal pressures or disturbances in the ocean bed the marine life gets destructed. It’s very disgusting when we see the same ocean taking the life of the creatures which are thriving on it. Here the ocean portrays Bibhathsa. The ocean portrays Raudra when it shows its anger through the violent storms in the ocean. I myself have witnessed quite a few storms like this where it seems the ocean is avenging.

The waves of the ocean always stand for strength and courage. Though they get shattered when they strike the huge rocks they never give up but they show the courage to strike back as much stronger waves.

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