An hour in Darkness……

Posted by Freddy on Mar-27-2010

Today is Earth Day, a day to spread awareness on the climate change. Earth hour is organized by World Wildlife Fund which is held on the last Saturday of March. It was started in 2007 in Sydney when over 2.2 million homes and business houses turned off their lights off for one hour in order to spread awareness on climate change issues. World Wildlife Fund’s mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.

Earth Hour has done a lot to raise awareness of climate change issues. But there’s more to it than switching off lights for one hour a year. It’s all about giving people a voice on the future of our planet and working together to create a sustainable low carbon future for our planet.

Last year over hundreds of millions of people took part in the third Earth Hour. Cities in over 88 countries officially switched off the lights to support the Earth Hour and to make Earth Hour the world’s largest global climate change initiative. Each individual can contribute to support Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is a call to stand up, to take responsibility, to get involved and lead the way towards a sustainable future. The buildings from Europe to Asia to the America will stand in darkness and the people across the world from all walks of life will turn off their lights and join together in the celebration and contemplation of our planet. I and Raziya are going to be part of the Earth Hour to celebrate Earth Hour by switching off all power points from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Let’s stay 60 minutes in darkness to express solidarity with the causes of climate change and energy conservation.

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