The Ultimate Truth

Posted by on May-29-2010

Way back in 1984 on 31st October a news story shocked the entire nation. It filled grief and agony in everyone who supported her. Yes, the assassination of Indira Gandhi. The major reason for the shock was the person behind the assassination. She was killed by her own bodyguards, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh to avenge the Military attack on ‘The Golden Temple’ during the Operation Blue Star. It sounds really hideous, b’coz she was murdered by the person who should protect her. It was not just an assassination but the murder of the trust.

I was just a kid when she passed away. For me, it was just a matter of another holiday. But when I grew up I started thinking deeply on it. Can someone forget all their duties and responsibilities for the religion they praise for? Even now I couldn’t get the answer for this. Devotion to a religion or having faith in God is fine but one should never be blinded or driven by it. Her bodyguard killed her for the fact that she ordered the military to the premises of The Golden Temple during operation Blue Star, but they where blinded to see the reason that what made her to take such a decision.

Cold Blooded murders are part of religious fanaticism. Most of the times people are mislead. Newspapers and channels are filled with such news stories. Every day we can see at least one such news. Majority of the population is educated but still why we see such instances happening. The old saying that one should never discuss politics or religion may have made sense 50 years ago. The venomous hatred of religious zealots has become so acrid that it will certainly lead to violence and even death. Why can’t people just stop for a while and think and ask yourself the question. What will we get out of this bloody slaughter? Nothing… That is the ultimate answer and the ultimate truth.

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