In my last post I have mentioned about dynasty politics. But I feel, more I think about it I have more to speak on it.

In the developing world, elected political dynasties have been rather common, a generally accepted feature of the political horizon. There are millions in this country more intelligent and smarter than the so called party successors. But what are the causes behind the emergence of political dynasties, and why do they remain resilient for decades, sometimes generations, even in democratic societies? It’s difficult to find a cut and right answer for this but some explanations could be easier to understand.

The first and the foremost factor that provide access to the political system is money, which is necessary for each and every step till the final election. Access to the political system in most countries is costly in terms of money and only those who can afford to spare time, money, resources and have the requisite connections find an entry into what is often an exclusive if not closed club.

The second thing which I feel is the “Brand Name”. Like some corporate brands, the voters too trust political brand names like Gandhis for congress. Voters have a feudalistic mindset and feel comfortable with being “ruled” by families. In fact they start associating powerful political families with royalty. The family name is what inspires the awe, not individual merit. Some voters actually believe that the individuals of the family are somehow better than the others standing for election.

But how can we overcome these problems? Here are some of the things that I feel are necessary to help voters pick the right candidate. If a voter has to select the right candidate, he must know about them. The government should be more transparent and should provide information on the status of various schemes, their funding and their execution and the people in-charge through media. This would perhaps give the voters a chance to think and choose.

Political dynasties can be prevented but those methods remain just as words unless it’s practiced. The first thing to be done is the dynasty ruler himself should insist that his relative starts at the bottom step. Internal elections should be held within the party. Minimum qualifications and other criteria of merit should be adhered for appointment of ministers.

Some claim that there is no reason to make a big fuss about dynasties because even America has dynasty politics. Political dynasties not limited to India alone, but it’s everywhere. In my next post I would discuss on the political dynasties in other countries.

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