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Posted by on Jun-11-2011


There is something unchangeable in the life of an ancient ship and modern hi-tech ships. It is the life of a sailor. The loneliness, the hardships, the toil and turmoil, are all the same. Above all, are the strange happening on board that comes with the fact that you are not in contact with the land for a long time, drives even the bravest of sailors to madness. Bizarre occurrences that may seem straight out of a fairytale theatre or a horror story book. Things, that leaves you wondering if you had been dreaming all the while or had you really been a witness in real life. Things those are too strange to be true.

I have been going in and out of consciousness every now and then and this fever is taking its toll on me. I see people who for sure are not travelling with me. I even see people whom I know are dead. I see my house back in my country. I even see characters coming out from the pages of those ancient dog-eared, leather bound books that I have been my companions in loneliness. I also see the places I have been to all these years.

Some inner compulsion is pushing me to chronicle each and every event as and when they happen in my brain – for, there is no witness than myself in the infinite vastness of my mind. Partly from the inspiration I have derived from the huge amount of books that I have devoured; the indefatigable Dr. Watson who noted down every trivial detail of the ways of his companion Sherlock Holmes, Lemuel Gulliver who noted every strange thing that he encountered on his lonely voyage, much like Sindbad the sailor of the Arabian lore, Abbe Faria , who painstakingly documented each and every bit of his vast knowledge, while in incarceration, which later helped the Count of Monte Cristo on his path of being an instrument to the divine retribution.

Sometimes I pause to absorb the gravity of the situation. However as my moving finger writes, you will get to read them all here in my journal. The singular occurrences that, can in no way reconcile to the settled order of nature!

“Due for next week… A curious incident of the room…..”

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To be continued…..

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