Who Is ‘She’?

Posted by on Jul-9-2011

As I lay half asleep half conscious, fighting the fever, I was conscious of my own delirium and my own hallucinations, the tricks of my mind bringing forth all the adventures of my life. How far they were real and true, I couldn’t tell. I was out of touch with reality and I was beginning to enjoy the fantasy ride of my mind! My mind started playing an incident with the clarity of a motion picture. Complete with sound and special effects.

It was late evening and I was lying in bed oblivious to what was going on in my house. As the night fell and unknown fear started creeping in. It got creepier by the moment. I could hear the loud nonstop noise that came from the kitchen as dishes were falling to the ground. I could hear unintelligible whispers in my ear. Soon, as the sounds got a degree more distinct I heard footsteps in the hall. The water in my bathroom sink was running all at once. I decided to get up and face my fears and see what was happening in my very own house. I got up with great difficulty as my sleep and dreams were pulling me back to my bed. I fought against it and started walking.

I walked slowly and cautiously down the stairs, hid behind the wall and poked my head out to see.

When I did this, there in front of my face I saw an old woman with long black hair and jagged old clothes DOING THE SAME THINGS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALL.

I screamed at the top of my voice, but my voice wouldn’t come out. I dashed for the door, pulling and tugging at the doorknob, but it didn’t budge an inch. It felt like someone or something was holding it closed.

I ran to the basement to get some sort of weapon but there I heard more louder whispers. There was loud banging on the closed door. Now I rushed towards my own room. Got in and locked it from inside. My mind was racing – what should I do? I was stranded in my own bedroom with horror and fright. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I saw the woman standing in front of me, staring and gliding toward me.

I blacked out…

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