Make a mistake!!!

Posted by on Aug-20-2011

How often we intend one thing and it turns out into another! We tend to make mistakes but surprisingly some turn out to be good and give an entirely new dimension to life.

Some mistakes turn out to be fun filled and interesting, at times humorous too. For example a wrong book comes home from the library and opens a whole new field of interest or a wrongly added ingredient, gives a new savor to the dish. The list is endless… Similarly, I know of a student, who wandered into the wrong classroom and became so interested in the subject being discussed there that he pursued it and made it his career. I need scarcely add that, being so absent minded, he became a famous professor.

Mistakes, usually becomes the catalyst for most of the good things that happen in life. It should take the edge off disappointment to remember that half the things that go wrong surprise us by turning out all right!

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