The Wonder that this World Is !

Posted by on Aug-28-2011

I am a very happy person. Jovial and jolly all the time. I think I got this character right from my childhood days when I started wondering at each and every thing I observed. This world is such a beautiful place, with miracles happening right before our eyes in each and every object surrounding us. All that we need is an eye to see the wonders and a mind to read and understand the miracles. When we do it each time, the child in us is invoked.

One of the unanswered questions of life is: “When is old age?” My answer would be: When we have ceased to wonder. Harold Nicholson, English biographer and historian, says that his grandmother lived in a state of “incandescent amazement.” She not only remembered the first steam packet but lived to hear of M. Bleriot flying the Channel. The amazement with which this remarkable old lady exulted in the surprises of our astonishing world kept her young. If the young people around her became blasé, she would rap up her ebony stick and demand that they greet the surprises of this Jules Verne world with something of the excitement which she felt herself. She lived to be ninety-nine.

Those who wonder, are always exultingly asking, “What next?” They have a child like eagerness. Nor will they be disappointed at death. To them, death itself may seem the most exciting adventure of all! Isn’t that exciting in itself?

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