Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, the saying goes…and if that’s true..I wonder about the head and thoughts of the man who built the Taj.. The beautiful sparkling white wonder.. one of the seven wonders of the world!!

I have often heard lovers address their beloved and say,
‘When you die…I’ll build you a Taj Mahal !’

On hearing this, their dear ones are sure to be floored and proud to be spoken to with such deep and profound feeling.

When I tried this method, you won’t believe how shocked I was with the response! These were her exact words,

“Are you eagerly waiting for me to die? And planning to live happily in your Taj Mahal after that?

If you still want to make one for me, fine!..

I don’t want a white Taj Mahal , build me one in a different colour!”

Shattered by this heart-breaking comment, I managed to croak,

“I’m going to make one for you in Black!”

It was much later, that I actually came across something about a real black Taj Mahal!!.. a monument in black marble that emperor Shahjahan had planned to build! No kidding friends..and certainly not like the little boy guide who fooled a German couple in a currently popular movie on a poor boy from India’s slums making it big on the millionaire show. Going back to the Black Taj..some argue that it’s not more than a mere story, a fable without an iota of truth in it..But there are some who know better, and they feel sorry for the unfinished monument and the unfulfilled dreams woven around it.

Any guesses where the proposed site was? Well, THIS certainly isn’t The Millionaire Show, you aren’t on the hot seat and I’m no quiz master..I’m a mariner taking you on a voyage of discovery..so let me answer this one for you! The Black Taj Mahal was proposed to be set up in Mehtabh Bhurg, opposite the white one! Shahjahan had planned it as his memorial, quite in contrast to the white he erected in Mumtaz Mahal’s memory. He had plans to build both in much the same way, with only the colours varying. In fact, the French traveler Jean Baptaste Taveniyer, had actually mentioned this in his travelogues!

Are there any clues to this mystery in Mehtabh Bhurg then?..one would wonder. Well, remains, that are believed to be of the black Taj have been found at the site, but some say these are the remains of Mehtabh Bhurg itself..

The story goes that, by the time Shahjahan could order serious work on this monumental testament, he was overthrown and imprisoned by his son Aurangazeb..and his dream remained a dream.

This is the tale of the premature death of the Black Taj, which could have been another ‘wonder of the world!’ But isn’t the white one lucky, since nothing threatens its position in the hallowed company of the six other wonders! Yes..I guess even I feel black must have been an unlucky color for Shahjahan.

I often wonder, why he chose black? For his wife, he chose white marble to portray the purity of love, then, what made him choose black for his own memorial?

Was it that he nursed a feeling of guilt, that he couldn’t return Mumtaz Mahal’s love with the same passion? Was it remorse, that he couldn’t be sincere and faithful to her? Did he consider himself worthy of blame for these reasons…and feel compelled to fix on the

colour black?

Then, isn’t it better that the monument was never to be completed! If it were, would it not stand as a living monument to a love story..tarnished by the stain on its name? Won’t it be?? augmentation breast delaware

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