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Posted by Freddy on May-24-2008

“A Ship Sails in Oceans A Mind sails in emotions”

A man has different faces, so do I. Freddy, Fredrick Brown, Captain Brown are some of them.

All of them have gone through different occurrences, thick and thins,
Joy and sorrow,
Smile and tears,
Laughter and anger.

I am neither a writer nor an experienced blogger but always a keen observer of life. Though a sailor by profession, I am a poet at heart. Traveling through the never ending drifts of saga, confronting their mysteries and managing several quests, I sail into my most precious memories inviting you to be the crew.

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It’s my mind’ enigmatic journey…

  1. hentai Said,

    elf hentai

  2. Ajai Thomas Said,

    Hi Freddy,
    Today only I heard about ‘Dam 999′ on ARN radio.I am waiting to see you Captain. All the best to all who are in back of this movie.

  3. joshua Said,

    nice,,, Beautiful.

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