The Big Eyes…

Posted by Freddy on Oct-25-2009

The sun was rising, spreading its light and wiping the darkness out.  The ship began sailing…

I was on the deck, gazing at the port.

We were moving away from the port, the sights were becoming smaller. I could only see the light house.  It was just the size of my finger. Then I saw the ship’s binocular.

I zoomed in… then zoomed out… tried to adjust the knob… I was able to see, but it wasn’t clear. I tried to focus … everything was crystal clear now.

I could see them in there normal size.

Binoculars are really amazing, bringing things closer from a distance.

While gazing through the binocular I felt like a private detective, trying to prove a case as in all formula movies.

I slowly turned around… nothing… but I could see the sky and the blue ocean… Like in the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge I chanted

“Water water everywhere but no drop of water to drink”.

I could only say that as I could see only the water and blue sky touching the ocean at a distance.

I focused through the binocular again. I could see the dolphins at a distance, fizzing out. Jumping and enjoying. It looked like they were taking a sun bath.

Ship’s binoculars have a magnification of 20-power, with an apparent field view of approximately 70 degrees. They are mounted on a weight adjustable carriage. Ship’s binoculars consist of the binocular assembly, carriage assembly, and the pedestal.

Binoculars in general are a pair of identical or mirror-symmetrical telescopes mounted side-by-side and aligned to point accurately in the same direction allowing us to view with both eyes.

We can see what ever we want to see with those “big eyes”.